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Hello Loves! Long time no uploads huh?! Well, I am glad to come back with this cover, it is just so soothing and beautiful! I hope you love it as much as I love the song! If you feel like leaving a comment below, or liking the video, that would mean a lot to me! Also if you wanna become apart of my family, click the subscribe button and the little bell button next to it, to get notified overtime I upload! I love you guys!

SNAPCHAT: lem82199
TWITTER: LynneaMoorer

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Title : Lovely (cover) By Billie Eilish (with Khalid)
Owner : Lynnea M.
Duration : 3:24
Viewed : 526,208
Liked : 57031
Published : May 13, 2018
Quality :
Souce : YouTube

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